For all instrument repair quotes, please contact me and provide photos for best assistance.

DJP Guitars are crafted one at a time from quality tone woods and natural materials, with plastic parts incorporated sparingly. Attention to detail is a top priority when sculpting these fine instruments.

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Mandolin Restoration

Photos of an old Sterling mandolin made in Chicago before, during, and after restoration. The hardware was removed and the corrosion cleaned off. The neck easily came off and was re-glued. The rosette binding and internal bracing had come loose and were re-attached. A spruce spline was glued into the open crack on the top and finished to match. The instrument was given an overall cleaning, set up and adjusted with new strings, it now plays and sounds as good as new.


These drums were re-wrapped in high quality veneer. Finished in shellac and varnish.

Kay Bass

This is a restoration of a M1B Kay Upright Bass.

Steinway Piano Repair

This is a repair on a Steinway Baby Grand.