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After studying and making Celtic knot work drawings for the past 12+ years, I decided to try painting one of my original designs. 
The painting was designed and created with the intent to help anyone who gazes upon it to balance their physical body, represented in green, with their spiritual essence, the yellow. As well as balance the left brain, (logical, analytical, rational, orderly thinking) represented in red, with the right brain (intuitive, creative, emotional, imaginative thoughts) represented in blue.
I was inspired to create this painting while watching this fascinating video of Alain de Botton talk about Art as therapy:
The frame is also made by me, from these solid woods. 
Interior to exterior: 
Anigre, Sapele, Padauk, and the corners are made from the same Cherry wood that I make my abalone rings from.
The frame is finished in Shellac.

Celtic Knot Painting & Frame

Custom Pool Cue Stand

Re-purposed Door used as Bar Top 

Satisfied client testimonial: “My husband and I wanted to have a bar built for our basement, and were asking friends if they knew anyone that could do the job.  A friend recommended a gentleman who had done some remodeling for her.  We called him and explained what we wanted.  I had bought an old red door at an estate sale, to be used as the bar top.  I had some subflooring left from a basement project that I wanted to incorporate into the bar plan.  This builder had his own ideas.  I don’t think he really cared for mine.  When I explained what I wanted, he would come up with a “better” idea.  In other words, he wanted to build the bar that he wanted, not the one I wanted.  It was very frustrating, so of course, I didn’t hire him to do the job.
I started asking around again and found DJP Artistry through a family member.   Dan came over and looked at the materials that I had to work with – the old red door and the left over subflooring.  I described to him, the idea that I had.   He said, “Whatever you want.”  It was so refreshing to hear that!   Dan is very professional and he was so   accommodating. He was willing to give me exactly what I was asking for, and gave me the bar that I envisioned.  I am a very happy customer!  Cheers to Dan!”   – Jean S.

Deer Skull Mount

Ribcage Sculpture

Custom 1911 Grips

Satisfied client testimonial: “DJP/Dan made these grips for me based on the form factor of my original grips, and initially, some basic ideas I had with respect to wood, finish and pattern. He actively worked with me, showing me samples, sketches, and presenting design ideas. That all culminated in what I consider to be an absolutely amazing set of grips, in appearance, workmanship, fit and feel. I’d order again from DJP/Dan (and recommend him) without hesitation. Great work!” – Mark S.

Custom Carved Signs

Custom Carved 1911 Grips