Custom Woodworking – Denver & Beyond | Premiere Quality & Breathtaking Craftsmanship

Custom Woodworking, Art, Repairs, Restoration, and Built-Ins – Denver, CO Area & Beyond!

Welcome to the primary site of the Denver, CO based Luthier & Custom Woodworking Artisan, Dan Petrovic also known as DJP Artistry. (Click here to visit our secondary site focused on DJP’s line of custom handmade guitars)

Whether you are wanting a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, a handcrafted piece of furniture, a wooden sculpture, wooden art, wooden instruments, various ornamental architectural pieces pieces, built-ins, or are in need of furniture repair and restoration, DJP Artistry provides what you are seeking.

An intense focus on premium quality and breathtaking craftsmanship makes DJP Artistry products and services the superior choice, especially for those in the Greater Denver vicinity. For those outside of the Denvers area, custom orders are always welcomed and shipping details are worked out to accommodate that particular order and ensure a safe transit of the item(s) to the recipient’s home.

DJP Artistry products and services are always created  and completed by the masterful hands of the DJP Artistry’s founder and St. Louis native, Dan Petrovic. His skillful precision and uninhibited creativity in his lutherie and custom woodworking ventures has led to the praise of all who see it – including the legendary Jorge Morel (read the story here).

Our repeat customers rave about the excellent service they receive each and every time they place an order – from the initial product design to its careful delivery. You, as well, will experience exceeded expectations as DJP’s services are consumer demand driven. Our customers’ desires are at the forefront of everything we do, and to emphasize that, product and service orders always include email updates regarding the status of your custom wooden  creation, modification, or restoration with an accompanying photo (or a dozen, depending!).  

DJP incorporates ecologically responsible methods and materials in the manufacturing and repair processes while striving to patronize U.S. based suppliers for the shop’s needs. Since DJP Artistry offers a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects, and provides a direct-to-consumer service, supporting this local, small, sustainable business is practical and economically friendly.

Thank you for continuing to choose DJP Artistry for all your wooden creations, restorations, modifications, duplications, and other custom woodworking needs!